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Based in Paris, DJIT is a software, hardware and technology company focused on making music creation more accessible for everyone. DJIT builds products for professional DJs and producers, people who want to become artists, or people who just want to have fun with musical tools. DJIT has been actively developing music apps for multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Windows.

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Using our applications to reinvent objects

DJiT is also the designer behind Mixfader, the world’s first connected object for mixing and scratching. This diversification is based on one, simple premise: all the intelligence of the connected object is found in the app provided. This naturally places DJiT, expert in application design, amongst the leading players in innovation in this fast-growing sector.

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Once upon a time,

there were three engineer students…

Led by the willingness to make music creation accessible to everyone, DJiT conceives, develops and markets mobile apps and connected objects dedicated to music. Ranked among the world’s top 10 biggest mobile music app publishers, DJiT records more than 90 million users in 182 countries and is behind edjing Mix, the world’s first DJ app that is also the first product released by the company.

The idea for edjing Mix was born in the effervescent mind of Jean-Baptiste Hironde, when he was an engineer student. As an amateur DJ, he noticed that no DJ equipment existed that was suitable for the general public. The equipment was too heavy, and more complicated than it needed to be. With the support of his best friend Nicolas Dupré, he launched in 2012 edjing Mix, the DJ app that allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet to mix anywhere for free. Available on iOS, Android and Windows, edjing Mix won several awards since its release, including recently the prestigious “Best App of the Year” by both Apple and Google and records now more than 45 million downloads.

And edjing Mix isn’t an isolated success. The enthusiasm of the public for edjing Mix led Jean-Baptiste to diversify the offer by launching incrementally new music apps on the market since 2014, such as Equalizer+, edjing Pro or more recently Stream, the music player that transforms YouTube into a radio. And thanks to the quality of its products and the robustness of its development, DJiT has attracted the leading names in industry, which didn’t hesitate to offer their support. After receiving the “Top developer” label - issued by the Google Play team - that rewards the best Android app publishers in the world, the startup has more recently been selected by Apple among 350 000 app editors to be associated with the launch of the iPhone 7.

The start-up company, a success story for French Tech, has not yet had its final word: Since 2015, DJiT is diversifying into connected objects with the release of Mixfader, the world’s first wireless crossfader that works in pair with DJ apps. Presented at SxSW 2015 as part of La French Tech delegation, the Mixfader prototype created a huge buzz with media interest from 30 countries. Mixfader is now available worldwide on its e-shop and in some of the world’s most famous stores such as Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Harrod’s in London or Mixware in US.

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The biggest partnership names

Our expertise has allowed us to build solid relationships with the leading world players on the music and high tech scenes. Here are some examples:

Deezer logo

A mix of its time

Since its launch, edjing has totally revolutionized the art of DJing, offering the world, for the very first time, the possibility of mixing through the use of a mobile application, with tracks provided by a music streaming service. This collaboration has grown ever stronger. Today, Deezer Premium+ account holders can mix the full Deezer library on edjing and access the best recommendation tools: Top Charts, Deezer selections and themed radio stations.

Deezer screens
Marshall logo

edjing & Marshall play together

What happens when one of the leaders in sound equipment works together with an expert in music creation applications? Marshall London, a phone reinvented for music lovers who use several applications – such as edjing London – specially designed by DJiT to fully exploit the phone’s potential. Finally, a smartphone that puts music on the main stage!

Marshall Phone with edjing 5
Google logo

A Nearby partnership

In certain projects related to the improvement of the musical experience on Android, DJiT works in close partnership with teams from Google. The latest example to date is called Nearby; a nearby API, for which DJiT was called upon to create new functions. Presented at the official launch of Nearby, edjing 5 – the new version of edjing – offers DJs the opportunity to share their playlists with other edjing users nearby, in order to find out via a voting system the tracks most listened to on the wider scene.

DJiT labelled Top developer logo by Google

A highly selective award for the best Android applications

nearby on edjing 5

edjing on TV

Surface pro advertising with edjing 5

edjing featured in the Surface Pro 2 Advertising

February 2014

Sony advertising with edjing 5

edjing appearance in the Sony commercial

March 2013

Samsung Glaxy advertising with edjing 5

Samsung Galxy Note 4 featured edjing in their promotion video

December 2012

Lenovo advertising with edjing 5

edjing in the last Lenovo advertising

October 2015


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